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Soft phone extension isn't ringing

Mark Harris

This article is aimed at you if you are experiencing one of the following symptoms:

  • Customers are calling your direct line and your phone is not ringing.
  • Customers are calling your company and your fellow ring group members' phones are ringing and yours is not.

Before submitting a support request for this issue, please perform the following. The support engineer will request that you perform these steps.

You have no internet connection

This is usually the main cause of a dead extension. In order to test this, open a web page on the same device that you are using the softphone on (this is important) and see if it loads.

  • If it does not load, there is no connectivity! Please contact your network administrator to check on your computer/network. If you don't have a network administrator, there are many useful guides online to checking and troubleshooting faulty internet connections. Just be mindful that restarting your router will cause everyone to have an internet outage, not just you.
  • If the page does load, continue to the next step.

You have a functional, but slow internet connection

Head to and run a test. You should have an idea of how fast your connection normally is - but if you don't, that's okay! If you don't know what kind of speeds you are looking for, look at the value of ping on your speed test result.

  • If your ping is higher than 150, your connection is generally considered to be quite poor. Talk to your network administrator regarding your high ping.
  • If normal, continue to the next step.

You have softphone registration issues

There may be something that is stopping your softphone from registering with the phone system. Luckily, most good softphone clients will provide an error message to you which can give you a good indication of what is going wrong.

There are dozens of possible error messages, all with unique meanings - however, they should all mean the same thing to you: double check the domain, user ID and password that you use to register your softphone. Your company would have received this information when you first joined us. You can read more about registration errors here.


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