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When registering your softphone or handset, or using your device to make phone calls, you may experience an error message - and have your device fail to register or make the phone call.

Use this checklist to troubleshoot your issue.

Check your internet connection

Most of the time, an error message from your device means that you have a poor (slow or non-existing) internet connection. Perform a speed test to determine if your internet is the culprit. If yes, resolve your network issues and try calling or registering again.

Check that your registration credentials are correct

If you are using Bria or X-Lite
Click Softphone and then Account Settings. If using Bria, you will now need to select the appropriate account. Verify that the User IDDomain, and Password all match the credentials that were given to you by our team.

If you are using a Yealink handest
Follow these steps to check your registration credentials on your Yealink handset:

  1. Find your phone's IP address by pressing the OK button on your handset and noting down the value of 1. IPv4.
  2. Type the IP address into the URL bar in your web browser and hit enter. You will be shown a login screen.
  3. Log in using 'admin' (no quotes) for the username and the password. Note that this is the default admin username/password combination. You may need to contact your organisation's systems administrator if you can not log into your handset.
  4. Go to Account -> Register.
    Verify that Register Name and User Name are both set to your extension number.
    Ensure that Password and Server Host match the password and host/domain that was provided by our team.

Check that you haven't changed any of the wrong account settings

If you are using Bria or X-Lite, back in the Account Settings page, ensure that the following is true:

  • Authorization name is left blank
  • Register with domain and receive calls is ticked
  • Send outbound via is set to Domain
  • Dial plan is set to #1\a\a.T;match=1;prestrip=2; (Make sure this is exact)


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