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How do I use the Set Caller ID function?

Mark Harris

If you do not have Set Caller ID set up, talk to Yamo today! Request by clicking here.

Set Caller ID allows you to set your outbound caller ID by dialling a feature code before the phone number.

Yamo will provide the feature codes to you. For an up-to-date copy, please raise a support request.

Take the following feature code list, for example:

Feature Code Outbound Caller ID
*20 +61 2 1234 1234
*21 +61 3 9876 5432

Imagine that you are calling another business at +61 7 1234 5678, and you would like your outbound caller ID to display as +61 3 9876 5432.

To achieve this, prefix the phone number that you want to call (+61712345678) with the appropriate feature code (*21):


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