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Matthew Fletcher

Reporting and analytics play an integral role in any modern business -- and telephony is no exception. We are able to, upon request, create Ad-hoc reports as needed as part of our 3CX package, however, we are also able to schedule these as regular reports for your analytic needs.

What we can do

We are able to create a regularly scheduled report sent to a specific email address (or email addresses) which can include information such as:

  • Inbound or outbound specific calls
  • Week to date, month to date, end of the day or the previous day reports
  • Calls to and from specific extensions (this is great for teams and team leaders to see)
  • Frequency, we are able to have these sent out one time, daily, on a particular day of the week, first of the month or every two weeks.

Creating a report

If you have access to the management console you may have the ability to set up and schedule reports, this can be achieved in the following manner:

  • Once you have logged into the management console select the "Reports" menu option on the left-hand side
  • In the reports menu, you can click on the mceclip0.pngbutton to create a new report
  • From this menu, you would then need to select the type of report, create a friendly name, select the format (our recommendation is a CSV file), add the email addresses you would like this sent you (you should be able to add multiple using a comma), the frequency of the report for example if you would like this to be a one-off report or if you would like this to be a weekly/monthly report.
  • Once the above has been set, the last thing you would need to set up would be the specifics of the report. For this, it would be items such as the range of the report (how long you would like this to report back on), any specific extensions or if they were answered or unanswered.

Once you have finished setting up this report, you can use the mceclip1.pngbutton which will either begin running the report or schedule it for when you requested the report.

Setting this up

If you are interested in learning more and setting these reports up but you do not have access to the management console, please reach out and raise a case with our team by clicking here and we can assist in getting these schedules up and running for you.


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