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Call queues allow callers to be placed in a queue while other agents are on a call. For example, support agents may be dealing with other customers while another customer calls you.

How to create a call queue

Note: To perform these steps, you will need access to your 3CX phone system's Management Console. Please contact us to enable access, or to have us perform this configuration on your behalf.

  1. In the 3CX Management Console, click Call Queues in the left menu bar.
  2. Click +Add and enter a name for your queue, e.g. "Sales".
  3. Select your Polling Strategy to determine how calls are distributed:
    • Hunt Random Start - Randomly chose the first agent to send the call to and then distribute calls among all queue agents.
    • Ring All - Ring every queue agent.
    • Prioritized Hunt - Ring agents in the order that is specified in Call Queue Agents under the Agents tab.
  4. Ring Time - The number of seconds that each agent's phone will ring.
  5. Direct Inbound Dialing - Optionally assigns one or more direct numbers to the queue to route calls directly to it. Alternatively, you can set an IVR menu option to point here.
  6. Destination if No Answer - Set the maximum amount of time that a caller will wait on hold before being sent to the destination defined. The destination is invoked immediately if there are no agents logged into the queue, or if the caller presses star (*).
  7. Music on Hold - Audio file that caller hears while waiting on hold. A great place for marketing messages.
  8. Play Intro Prompt - Custom prompt to play as the caller enters the queue. You can also choose to play it before sending the call to agents. Great for "your call will be recorded" messages.
  9. Options - Announce the queue position to the caller and set the Queue Language.
  10. Click2Call / Click2Meet - Configure a friendly name for the queue to allow direct contact to this queue through a web browser.
  11. Click the Agents tab and add member extensions for this queue. Don't forget to also set their priority, if you are using this feature. 

Advanced queue features

Additional Queue Calling Strategies

Note: This feature requires 3CX Pro or Enterprise edition.

  • Longest Wait Time - Sends the call to the agent that has been the longest without receiving a call.
  • Least Talk Time - Sends the call to the agent that has spent the least amount of time talking on the phone.
  • Fewest Answered - Sends the call to the agent that has the fewest answered calls.
  • Hunt by Threes Prioritized - Sends the call to the top three agents, as set in the priority of the Agents tab, followed by the next three, and so on.
  • Round Robin - Cycle through the agents in the order set in the Agents tab. Unlike Prioritized Hunt, Round Robin will remember the last agent that was called.

Skills-Based Routing

Note: This feature requires 3CX Enterprise edition.

Skills-based routing allows you to route calls to agents based on their assigned skills group. For example, calls can be sent first to tier 1 support staff first, then tier 2 and so on, based on availability. The following skills-based routing call strategies are available:

  • Ring All - Ring all extensions in this skill group.
  • Hunt Random Start  - Send the call to a random agent in this skill group, then distribute evenly among agents in this skill group.
  • Round Robin - Sequentially call all agents in this skill group.
  • Fewest Answered - Send the call to agents that have answered the least amount of calls first.

Additional Queue Options

Note: This feature requires 3CX Pro or Enterprise edition.


Allow the caller to have the system call them back when an agent becomes available.

Wrap-Up Time

Allows your agents some time to write notes after completing a call. The system will wait the specified number of seconds before sending another call to the agent.

Maximum Callers in Queue

Calls are sent to the Destination if no answer destination if this limit is reached.

Queue Statistics Reset

This feature allows you to manually or automatically reset Queue Agent Calls and Wallboard statistics. Managers can view these stats through the 3CX Web Client.

Priority Queue

If an agent is a member of multiple queues, setting Priority Queue will prioritize callers in this queue over other queues. For example, you can use this option if you have Gold level customers.

Configure SLA Time

Use this option if you have an agreed maximum amount of time that you would like customers to wait on hold. Your managers can be notified of SLA breaches. You can also configure reports based on this metric.

Queue Recording

Allow the caller to opt-in or opt-out of call recording.

Queue Email Notifications

This option allows managers to receive a notification when various events occur, such as:

  • Queue SLA breach
  • Queue callback
  • Queue callback failure
  • Queue call is lost (abandoned)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an abandoned call?

A queued call is considered abandoned when either:

  • The Destination if no answer is reached; or
  • The caller hangs up or is disconnected while waiting on hold.

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