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How to factory reset a Yealink phone for provisioning with 3CX

Matthew Fletcher

Follow this guide to factory reset your Yealink phone. This is particularly useful if the device needs to be reassigned to a new user. Ask your system administrator about setting phones for provisioning.

1. Hold the "OK" button on your phone for about 10 - 12 seconds.

2. When the phone asks if you would like to factory reset, press "OK". The phone will clear its settings and reboot.

3. If the phone has been set up by your administrator for provisioning, it will now ask for a username and password. You may need to press the down arrow to access the password field.
- The username is your extension number.
- Your password is your voicemail PINBe extra careful here, as some phones default to character input mode. Make sure that you change the input mode to numbers. Voicemail/Extension PIN can be found on your 3CX Welcome email sent by Yamo. 

4. Press "OK". The phone will provision itself after a few minutes.

Note: During the provisioning process, the phone may begin a firmware upgrade. It is vital that during a firmware upgrade, the device does not lose power. The device may be damaged if power is interrupted during a firmware upgrade.

As always, if you encounter any issues during this process, please reach out to us by submitting a support request.

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