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Forgotten 3CX Passwords

Mark Harris

If you have forgotten your 3CX password, you can use this guide to recover it.

Find your welcome email

1. When your user account was created in 3CX, the system would have sent you a welcome email. If you have access to the email address associated with your 3CX account, search your emails for "Welcome to 3CX". If you can't find your welcome email, read the section on re-sending it below.

2. Once you have found your welcome email, scroll down to "Your Communications Dashboard" -- your password is displayed here. [Hint: don't forget to "login from outside the office" no matter where you are as your phone system is hosted in our data centre.]

3. You can use this password to log in to the 3CX WebClient and the 3CX Management Console (if you have the correct permissions).

Re-send your welcome email

You will need a user account with 3CX Management Console access for these steps. Please contact us if you need to get set up.

1. Log in to the 3CX Management Console.

2. On the left, click Extensions.

3. Find the extension in question and click the checkbox to the left of its corresponding row. [Hint: you can select multiple extensions].

4. Click Send Welcome Email. A welcome email will be sent to each selected user containing their WebClient password.

Note that it may take a few minutes for the welcome email to appear in the user's inbox.


Need help?

If the above steps did not resolve your issue, you can raise a case with our team by clicking here. We may verify that you have completed the above steps, so don't forget to try!

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