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How to add or import contacts in 3CX

Matthew Fletcher

3CX has two main types of contact lists.

  1. Company Contacts: A list of contacts that is available to all users. An ideal place to store customers, suppliers, etc.
  2. Personal Contacts: Each user has their own private list of contacts, visible only to them.

All contact lists can be viewed in the 3CX Web Client, 3CX App for Windows, 3CX iOS and Android apps, and compatible IP phones.

Company Contacts

Bulk importing company contacts

Note: You can import up to 1000 contacts at a time in this fashion. To upload more than 1000 contacts, please split your CSV into multiple files and upload them separately.

Download the 3CX Contact Import Template CSV file to your computer. Open the template CSV file in Microsoft Excel and add your contact's information to the sheet. Save your changes.

Log into the 3CX Management Console and go to Advanced > Contacts. Click Import, select the CSV file that you just edited and click Open.

Adding a single company contact

Log into the 3CX Management Console and go to Advanced > Contacts. Click the blue Add button. Enter the contact's information and click the blue OK button.


Personal Contacts

Open the 3CX Web Client or 3CX Windows Application. Click the three dots on the left of your screen and click Contacts.


Click the plus icon in the top left of the window, then enter the contact's information. Make sure you  deselect "Add to company phonebook" if you do not want to add the contact to the company phonebook. When you are finished, click the floppy disk icon to save the contact.


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