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Upgrading from X-Lite to Bria Solo

Matthew Fletcher

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Recently Counterpath has discontinued X-Lite, their free version of Bria, and replaced it with Bria Solo and Bria Teams.

Bria Solo has two versions, free and paid. Please note that the free version of Bria Solo is for demonstration or evaluation purposes, or for non-commercial use only.

Free: All features of X-Lite

Paid: Ability to log in on multiple devices and transfer calls. Paid is free for 30 days at the time of writing.

Setting up the account

Visit this link and follow these steps:

  1. Click on 'Start a 30-day trial'
  2. Click 'Continue with Bria Solo'
  3. Now it will ask you for your email address and to create a new password, which will be used to log into the Bria Solo client application. This includes the desktop softphone or the ios or android applications. From there it will ask for a bit more information such as your name and to accept the terms and conditions.

Adding your Yamo account to Bria Solo

Once the above steps are complete, you should be directed to your Bria Solo dashboard. This is where we will be registering your Yamo account. Please follow the below steps:

  1. On the main page, there will be a pop-up to get started, click the button on the pop-up to start the process.
  2. You would need to click the 'Have your own PBX or SIP server?' option, this is the first option and you will be directed to the below screen.
  3. In a previous email from us, you would have received your login details. Enter this information at the screen showed in step 2. The PBX or phone system for Domain, the port will be 5060 (unless we have otherwise specified), the SIP Username and Authorization username will be your User ID (extension number), the SIP/Voice password will be your password and the Call display is your full name. Click the configure service settings button.
  4. On the next screen, leave everything at their default settings, except for the Voicemail Number, which you need to set to *97. Click on the next step to download a client application.
  5. This page will allow you to download your applicable application depending on your operating system, once you have downloaded this you can finish the setup and move to the dashboard. Once installed you will be asked for your account details from the above steps and once you have entered this your account should sync with the details you entered on the dashboard and your account should be ready to go.
  6. Use the next page to download the client application to your device (ensure that you select the correct operating system).
  7. Once installed, open the application and log in using the credentials that you created in the Setting up the account section above. Wait for the application to sync, and then you're ready to make and receive calls.

If there are any issues you are experiencing, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team by creating a ticket here.

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