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What is the difference between the 3CX WebClient and the 3CX Management console?

Matthew Fletcher

3CX offers a wide variety of resources to help in managing and assisting your call flows. Two of these are the WebClient and the management console. In this article, we will outline some key differences between the two.

What is the WebClient?

The 3CX WebClient is a webpage that allows you to view all extensions in your network, allows you to control your phone or application, schedule conferences and depending on your access level you can also view the switchboard, recordings and log extensions in or out of queues (you can find more about this here

As mentioned, the WebClient allows you to control your softphone or phone. This can come as a large advantage if you, for example, use a remote desktop session and have your phone underneath, you can use a web browser within the remote desktop session to control your phone sitting on your desktop to make answering calls seamless.

What is the Management console?

The management console is a webpage that allows most of the back-end setup to be completed. This allows the set up of items such as extensions, reports and inbound rules to be edited or managed at your fingertips. This will allow you to quickly and easily set up any of the above without needing to make a request with us.

With the management console, you have the ability to delete or add extensions as needed, the same can be done with reports. For more information on reports, we have an article on setting up a call report here.

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