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How to log an agent in or out of a queue

Matthew Fletcher

A leading advantage of queues in 3CX is the ability to appoint certain extensions or agents as "Queue Managers" these extensions will have certain rights and be alerted of SLA breaches if enabled. This help article will go into the ability to log extensions in and out of call queues.

When this can be used

This permission essentially allows a user to log out other extensions if they do not need to be in this queue. This will not remove them from the queue and the logged out extension can log back into the queue if needed, they can also be logged back in using this manager view.

How to log an extension in or out of the queue

3CX for Windows application

Using the Windows application, you can access the switchboard using the mceclip0.png icon located in the bottom right of the settings tray, this is located next to your application settings menu. Once you have clicked on this it will show you the Q-Manager view, this is where you can see the queues you are in, the extensions that are logged in, and have the ability to log extensions in or out.


Once you have this view, you can right-click on the extension you would like to log in or out of the queue and click the "Logout from queue" icon as shown below. To log into the queue, you would use the same method however the message will say "Login to queue"


Using the WebClient

You would also have the ability to remove these extensions from the queue in the switchboard which is visible on the WebClient. Once you have logged into the WebClient you would navigate to the Switchboard icon on the left-hand side menu, from there all agents will be listed on the right-hand side for this queue


In order to log out an agent from the WebClient, you would click the Blue Q icon, this will then grey out signalling that they are not logged into the queue anymore.

Listing yourself as a Call Manager

If you do not have access to this and believe this would be a requirement or an added benefit of your role, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team here and we can look into setting up the correct access for you.

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