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Updating an announcement

Matthew Fletcher

A large advantage of our FreePBX systems is the ability to update your announcements with nothing more than your Yamo device or softphone and the feature code to update this. This is commonly used in holiday messages but this can also be for updates to existing announcements over recording the announcement and sending an update through.

What do you need?

You will need the following in order to update your announcements like this:

  • Your Yamo extension, this would need to be logged into a desk phone or softphone
  • Your Feature Code number, this is usually a * followed by 4 digits such as *1324. 
  • The password for the code if applicable.

How to change your announcement

  • When ready to change the announcement please dial your feature code using your desk phone or softphone.
  • The current announcement will be played back to you, from there you will be given a selection menu which will include listening to the recording again (1), accepting the recording (2), or re-recording the message (*) Please press * to record the message.
  • Once you have selected the record option, you will hear a beep to record the message, once you have finished please use the # button to stop the recording. Once you have finished you can press 1 to listen to the recording, 2 to save it or * to re-record the message.
  • Once you are happy with the recording, please save it and it will automatically update in the system.

If you do not have your feature code or do not know if this is available for you, please reach out to our team here and we can set up this for you.

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