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Accessing your voicemail

Matthew Fletcher

In an effort to streamline voicemail, in most cases, we have by default, set up your voicemails to be emailed directly to you. This method will save resources, storage and remove the possibility of your voicemail bank reaching capacity. If this is not set up however, you may need to access your voicemails through your handset.

Reaching the voicemail system

If this is on your extension, you would need to dial *97, this will direct you to your mailbox by default, here you can read, delete or action voicemail messages that you received directly. If however, you are using a specific mailbox, you would need to dial *98 and know the extension of the mailbox you wish to view, if you are unsure of this please reach out to our support team.

To access this through the *98 method, please dial *98 then once you hear  "Comedia Mail. Mailbox?" please enter the extension number of the voicemail you would like to access.

Once you have accessed the voicemail box, you will hear several prompts, these will show you how to access the messages and among these, will be the number of voicemail messages you have which can be read out to you. You will be able to remove these as you listen to them.

Updating the way you receive voicemails

The best way that we recommend voicemails to be accessed is through the email system, this will keep your system as clean as possible, while also allowing you to save your messages as they come in.

If your system is not set up like this, please reach out to us here and we can add emails and set this up as required.

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