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How to manually override time-of-day based call routing

Mark Harris

This feature is only available on FreePBX. If you are using 3CX, *641 sets IN OFFICE HOURS, *642 sets OUT OF OFFICE HOURS. When done, dial *64 to go back to normal.


If you have time-of-day based routing (also called a Time Condition) configured on your phone system, you may need to override the rule. For example, you may have a rule that sends all incoming calls to voicemail after 5 PM, and you are working late today. Or, all staff may be leaving the office early and hence need to have your after-hours routing start early.


First, dial the feature code for the time condition from your IP phone or softphone. This should be a star (*) followed by three digits.

If prompted, enter the feature code PIN.

The time condition will now be overridden.

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