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Reinstalling 3CX Web Client on Google Chrome

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We may encounter some issues regarding the 3CX Web Client which might be caused by the latest patch either on the browser or the extension version itself. Here in this guide, we will be reinstalling the Web Client to fetch the latest version from  Chrome Web Store.


  1. First, we need to make sure that the web browser is updated by following this guide. Once we confirmed its updated, click on this link to go to Chrome Web Store.
  2. Since we've installed it before, you will see a button that indicates Remove from Chrome, go ahead and click this button and a pop-up will appear, proceed on Remove.3cx1.PNG
  3. You will notice that the button will change to Add to Chrome. Proceed by clicking the button then select Add extension.3cx2.PNG
  4. Lastly, we will navigate to the server Web Client URL. You can check that detail by looking at the Welcome email we sent you before, under Your Extension Details and find Outside the office, then simply click that link. Once you successfully logged in, you will see a notice in red that asks you to Activate your 3CX Browser Extension. Click on that notice and it will automatically activate the extension.


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