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Getting familiar with the Web Client

Matthew Fletcher

There are quite a few ways you can set up your 3CX phone. We have a guide going into setting up any of the 3 computer-based phones here. This guide will focus on getting familiar with the Web Client.


The above image is the standard view you will have when you log in. On the top right, you can see your status which controls if you are able to receive calls such as the Available status, or if you are unavailable to receive calls, such as the Do Not Disturb status.

The page you load into will also show all other extensions that are logged in, this will allow you to call, or see if they are on a call or unavailable. An example of this is extension 101 in the picture above is listed as Do Not Disturb, indicating they are not available for calls.

To the right of the search bar, you have the keypad, clicking this will open up the phone and allow you to make external or internal calls. I have included a close up of this section below


There are two remaining items left in this section, these are the Q button and the Web Client drop-down. The Q button toggles if your extension is or isn't logged into a queue. This can be convenient if you need to log out for a meeting, allowing the queue to go straight to the next person. The Web Client drop-down controls which device you would like this page to control, if you are using the one device, in this case, the Web Client, we can just leave it on this setting.

Additional Web Client features

On the left-hand side of the webpage, you have some additional features such as your standard address book (contacts) along with your call history. You can also send instant messages to other people on the phone system with the chat menu. Another added feature is the conference and web meetings. If you are looking to jump into a meeting, the WebMeeting icon will start up a video conference for you where you can invite other people and record the meeting if needed. however, if you would like to schedule a meeting, you can use the schedule conference button. This will allow you to set the time, date, conference type and then send out an email. I have included a screenshot below of what this looks like.



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