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Blacklisting Numbers - 3CX Console

Matthew Fletcher

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Sometimes you may come across telemarketers, scam calls, or individuals that you no longer wish to speak to. 3CX systems have a feature that allows you to blacklist these using a settings module called "Blacklisted Numbers". 

Blacklisting a number

On a dedicated 3CX instance you are able to use the management console to monitor and moderate many features, one feature includes the blacklist. To add a number to the blacklist, please follow these steps:

  • Log into the management console and navigate to the Security tab on the left-hand side. After expanding this you should see a menu called Blacklisted Numbers.
  • Clicking this will take you to a page similar to the one below. Click on the blue + Add button to add in a number.




  • Enter the number you wish to blacklist in E164 format. For example, if you wish to block the number 02 9083 6690 you'd enter 61290836690. Please note: This is an example only, this is Yamo's main number, I wouldn't recommend blacklisting this as it would prevent us from reaching you.
  • Enter a helpful description. This allows you to review this page and see why you blocked a specific number.

Additional Assistance

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