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Blacklisting Numbers - 3CX Console

Matthew Fletcher

Sometimes you may come across telemarketers or scam calls which may use automatic dialling methods to reach your phone and continually call. 3CX systems have a feature that allows you to blacklist these using a settings module called "Blacklisted Numbers".

Blacklisting a number

Once you have logged into the management console, navigate to the Settings menu on the left-hand side. From there, you should see a button called Blacklisted Numbers click on this to open the menu and you should be greeted with something like the below image.


From there, you can click Add to add in a new number to be blocked, it is best practice to add in a description in the event you need to look back and review why items are blacklisted. Once you have entered this in, click on the ok button to save this, then the blue ok button on the top to save it completely.

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