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Phone Number Porting for BPOs

Mark Harris

Number porting is the process of transferring ownership of a phone number from one carrier network to another. This is useful if your customer advertises their phone number publicly, and wants their BPO staff to use it.

This article explains how your BPO customer can port their phone number from their existing carrier network to Yamo.

Step 1 - Complete a Porting Authority Form (PAF)

Click here to complete a Porting Authority Form.

Step 2 - Phone Number Configuration

Our Support Team will contact you via email to determine your desired inbound call flow for the ported numbers.

Step 3 - Port Submission

Our team will submit a port request to our upstream carrier. At this stage, you will be charged the Number Port Fee.

Step 4 - Pre-Port Number Validation (PNV)

Our upstream carrier sends a Pre-Port Number Validation to your losing carrier. At this stage, all details are cross-checked against the losing carrier account (discovery of additional numbers, account numbers, etc.). This step typically takes 5 working days.

Step 5 - Complex Notification Advice (CNA)

Our upstream carrier advises your losing carrier that the port is going to happen and the losing carrier responds. If the port is accepted, we will ask you for a preferred cutover date/time, a minimum of 10 working days from the current date (subject to team availability). We work with you and our upstream carrier to lock in a cutover date/time. This step typically takes 7 working days.

Step 6 - Port Cutover

On the specified cutover date, your losing carrier will initiate the cutover. Our upstream carrier will then test the port and inform us of the result. At this point, we will advise you of port completion and you can test a call to your service number(s). 

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