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What is 3CX Phone System for BPOs

Mark Harris

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Use Cases

3CX Phone System for BPOs is a complete voice solution for BPOs looking to add voice capability for their staff. Common use cases are:

  • Allowing offshore staff to call Australian numbers without paying international call rates
  • Allowing offshore staff to call Australian numbers with a Caller ID local to your client's business
  • Allowing offshore staff to receive calls on behalf of your Australian clients

By implementing 3CX for your BPO business, your staff will be able to make and receive calls within Australia as if they were calling from within the country.

Pricing Model

Yamo charges you a fixed-rate fee for each voice-enabled staff member. You are then free to charge your customer for this service as a fixed-cost addon.


Each voice-enabled staff member will receive:

  1. An unlimited calling plan, allowing them to call Australian mobile, fixed and 1300 numbers using the 3CX Browser Extension. Fair use policy applies.
  2. An Australian phone number, from a location of your choice.

The 3CX Browser Extension

Calls are made and received using the 3CX Browser Extension, a Google Chrome & Microsoft Edge browser extension which is included for free. The agent simply needs a headset plugged into their computer.

New light theme in 3CX Browser Extension.


As per carrier regulatory requirements, we must document the end customer's business address in order to associate it with an Australian phone number.

How to Get Started

If you are interested in enabling your BPO staff to make and receive calls in Australia, please email us at

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