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Renaming an Extension in 3CX

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There's a time when you need to rename an extension instead of creating a new one. In this guide, we will help you rename your extension step-by-step.



  • 3CX Management Console Account with appropriate rights.
  1. Log in to your 3CX Management Console by typing your phone system URL in your browser. You can get this information by checking your Welcome email and look for the URL beside the line Outside the office. For example, if this is the URL, simply remove the word "webclient", press enter and you will be redirected to the 3CX Management console.
  2. You will now see the login page which will require your Extension number and password. You can easily access the credentials in your Welcome email under the Your Extension Details section. Keep in mind that this account has elevated rights that can alter extension details so should be kept secure at all times.
  3. Go to the Extensions tab and click on the extension you wish to rename. From here, replace the value in the First Name and Last Name fields.
  4. When done, click OK.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the renamed extension is included on the other users' BLF keys, kindly reprovision the phones by going to the Phones tab, check the IP Phones checkbox and click the Reprovision button.


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