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Setting up your Yealink T4/T5 series phone

Matthew Fletcher

This guide is designed to go over registering an extension with a physical phone. For information on registering a softphone, please click here


Before attempting to set up your phone you would need to have the following credentials:

  • Domain - This is the URL of the phone system
  • SIP Username & Authorisation username - This references the extensions number.
  • SIP Password - This is the password of the extension.
  • Handset login details - These are the default login credentials. These should be admin/admin


  1. After logging into the phone navigate to the Account page
  2. Ensure that it is set to Enabled.
  3. Fill in all the information:
    1. Label - This can be the name of the user.
    2. Display Name - This would also be the name of the user.
    3. Register Name and Username - Both of these would be the extension.
    4. Password - This is the password of the extension
    5. SIP Server 1 Server Host - This would be the domain URL
    6. Click Ok.

After a few moments, the register status should show as registered. The phone is now ready for use.


Need help?

If the above steps did not resolve your issue, you can raise a case with our team by clicking here. We may verify that you have completed the above steps, so don't forget to try!


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