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Creating a Digital Receptionist

Matthew Fletcher

Please Note: These guides assume you use Yamo as your VoIP solutions expert when creating tickets. Yamo provides low-cost and powerful phone systems for businesses of all sizes. If you are not using Yamo as your VoIP provider you can reach out to us here and have a chat.

This guide will go over the basic steps on how to create a digital receptionist on your 3CX system.

What is a digital receptionist?

A digital receptionist is a module within 3CX that allows you to route calls based on called input.

Creating a digital receptionist

Once you have logged into the management console, click on the Digital Receptionist menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Once you have completed this, please follow the below steps:

  1. Clicking on the blue +Add button will create a new digital receptionist for your system. An example of this is shown below
  2. Assign a friendly name in the name section
  3. Select the recording prompt you would like to play when this destination is reached
  4. Using the menu options section, select where you would like the call to route when a button is pressed.
  5. Using the last section labelled Destination for invalid or no DTMF input you can enter the destination for routing a call if the caller doesn't provide any input.

Additional Assistance

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