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Where can I find manuals for 3CX

Matthew Fletcher
3CX is constantly evolving and adding new features. The 3CX User Manual contains valuable information, such as:
  • How to download and configure the 3CX App on your smartphone.
  • How to use the 3CX Web Client to make, receive and transfer calls, see extension status, and more.
  • How to use the Web/Audio Conferencing features.
  • How to make and transfer calls using your Desk Phone.
  • Using the 3CX with Microsoft 365 (talk to us if you have not activated the integration, Pro only).
  • How to manage your voicemail.
You can view the 3CX User Manual at the following link:
The 3CX Management Console is where you can configure your system to function to your exact business needs. From the Management Console, you can:
  • Add, remove and edit users/extensions
  • Configure Ring Groups, Call Queues (Pro only) and IVRs/Auto Attendants/Digital Receptionists
  • Schedule call reports (Pro only)
  • Manage devices
The 3CX Admin Manual is designed for administrative users, so it is recommended that you only distribute this manual to appropriate users. Note that access to the Management Console is disabled by default, so you may need to contact us to enable access for a specific user.

You can view the 3CX Admin Manual at the following link:

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