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Transferring a Call

Matthew Fletcher

Please Note: While this guide is public, this assumes that you are a customer of Yamo for your VoIP solutions. As such, some information may not be accurate if you are not a customer. Yamo provides low-cost and powerful phone systems for businesses of all sizes.

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From time to time you may need to transfer a call to another person in the office. This quick guide will take you through the steps to do this.

Attended Transfers

Attended transfers are completed by placing the caller on hold and initiating a new call with the person they wish to speak to. We have outlined what happens and the steps to do this below.

  1. An inbound call is placed by Person A (The person calling the company) and is answered by Person B.
  2. They wish to speak to Person C. Person B places Person A on hold and calls Person C. They mention that Person A is on the phone and wishes to speak to them.  
  3. Person C advises that they can take the call, Person B joins Person A with Person C and the calls for Person B are disconnected.

Steps to complete

  1. When you have accepted a call and they wish to speak to another user, click the Att. Transfer button.
  2. Once you have selected the Att. Transfer button you can type either the name of the user or their extension number to call them.
    mceclip0.png mceclip1.png
  3. From there, hit call and you will be able to speak to the person the inbound caller wanted to speak to. To transfer this call, simply click the join button and the two calls will be connected and your calls will be disconnected.

Blind Transfers

Blind transfer is similar to Attended Transfer, however, removing the step wherein you consult the user first. In this method, you are forwarding the call right away to another extension. Using the analogy above with persons A, B, and C we will simulate the Blind Transfer.

  1. While on the call, press the Transfer button and enter the number you would like to forward the call to.


  2. If Person C answered the call, Person A and Person C will be connected together.
  3. If Person C is not available or rejected the call, Person A will be put to Person C's voicemail and Person B will be disconnected.

Additional Assistance

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