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Enabling Call Recording in 3CX

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Important Notes:

  • Call Recording is only available for Professional and Enterprise 3CX License Only
  • Call Recording can only be toggled via WebClient or Windows Desktop app and require an Enterprise license.
  • Call Recording toggle is not possible on physical handsets.
  1. Log into your 3CX Management Console. Your login details can be found in the Welcome email that the Yamo team has sent you. If you haven't received one, please submit a ticket at
  2. At the left-hand tabs, click on the Users and then choose the user you would like to enable the call recording.
  3. Click on the Options tab and look for the Call Recording section.

  4. You can now choose which option you would like to apply to the extension.
    For Professional 3CX License:
      Recording off - calls won't be recorded.
      Record all calls - Both internal and external calls will be recorded.
      Record External calls only - External calls will be recorded and internal calls will be ignored.

    For Enterprise 3CX License, you will have an additional option to start and stop recording.
  5. Access your recordings by checking our guide Accessing your Call Recordings.

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