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Setting Up your Twilio Billing Account

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  1. Check your email inbox if you have received your Twilio invitation. Click on View invitation.

    Entered the required details. Please choose a secured password.

    Click on the Account name to be redirected to the Twilio portal.
  2. Click the Upgrade button on the top-left corner of the page.
  3. Fill up the Main Address section with your business address. If Twilio has verified your address, please choose Use validated address.
  4. Enter your tax details
  5. Enter your funding details. We recommend the amount will be from $50-$100 as when a porting is involved, the current fees will be $10 per local number while $32 per mobile number.
    Also, it's the customer's option if they would like to be auto recharged whenever the funds drop below the threshold indicated. Otherwise, leave the checkbox unticked. tempsnip2.png
  6. Enter your payment method and click Confirm.
  7. Once the billing payment has been completed. Kindly notify the Yamo team by replying to the related ticket or simply email

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