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Configuring you ZoiPer softphone for use with FreePBX

Yamo Support

Yamo is not affiliated with ZoiPer. Our customers commonly use ZoiPer so we provide steps below on how to use our hosted FreePBX product with it. 

  1. Download and install the ZoiPer application from the official download page.
  2. Once the application has been installed, it will ask for a username and password.

  3. Enter your extension's login details which have been provided by the Yamo Team.
    The format for the username should be extension number + @ + domain for example Kindly see the image below for reference.

  4. The application will ask for the hostname however, it should be automatically populated with the details we entered earlier. Just simply click Next.

  5. Skip the Authentication and Outbound proxy section by clicking the Skip button.

  6. Wait for the SIP UDP loading bar to finish and press Next. tempsnip.png

  7. Press the X button and start using the application.

  8. You can now start making calls by entering the number in the field below.
  9. Also, make sure that your softphone is set to the right status otherwise you won't receive any calls.


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