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Please Note: While this guide is public, this assumes that you are a customer of Yamo for your VoIP solutions. As such, some information may not be accurate if you are not a customer. Yamo provides low-cost and powerful phone systems for businesses of all sizes.

If you are not using Yamo as your VoIP provider and would like to arrange a quote or demonstration, please reach out to us here for a chat.

To set up your handset, we first need to ensure that the firmware is up-to-date. If this is a new phone that was purchased through Yamo, this is likely updated already and can be configured with our phone system. If not, you will need to download the latest firmware and update the phone before you can provision your phone with 3CX.

Once the phone has the latest firmware, we can begin the provisioning process. We require the make, model and MAC address of the device. For example, a Yealink T53W 00:11:22:33:44:55. We would then link this phone to your extension.

After we have completed this, you need to factory reset your device. We have a guide on factory resetting common devices, you can find this here.

Once the phone boots up, the auto provisioning process takes place. This process can ask for a username and a password. Your username is your extension number and your password is your voicemail pin. We have included a screenshot below showing where this information is located.

Once completed, the phone should then authenticate with the server and register your extension.

Additional Assistance

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