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Adding a physical phone to an extension

Matthew Fletcher

Please Note: These guides assume you use Yamo as your VoIP solutions expert when creating tickets. Yamo provides low-cost and powerful phone systems for businesses of all sizes. If you are not using Yamo as your VoIP provider you can reach out to us here and have a chat.

This guide will go over how to add a physical phone to a 3CX user extension. If you do not have access to your 3CX management console, please click here to raise a ticket with us.


In order to set this up you will need the following:

  • Access to the management console with permission to modify users
  • The make and model of the phone
  • The MAC address of the phone
  • The local SIP Port and local RTP ports you'd like to use (we will go over this below)

Connecting the phone to a user

Once you have logged into the management console, navigate to your User menu on the left-hand side then click on the user you would like to assign this phone to.

  1. Navigate to the Phone Provisioning tab and click Add
  2. Enter the model of the device, for example, Yealink T53W, then enter the MAC address, click OK
  3. Under IP Phone Provisioning Method ensure Direct SIP (STUN - Remote) is selected
  4. For Local SIP Port enter the next available port number. This starts at 5065 and increases by one for each phone you have at the same office. For example, if this is your 3rd phone you should have used 5065 and 5066 already and this will be 5067.
  5. For Local RTP Audio Ports Start enter the next available starting number. This number increases by 20 and starts at 14000. Keeping with the above example, if this is your 3rd phone you would use 14040 as 14000 and 14020 are already in use.
  6. For Local RTP Audio Ports End enter the next available ending number. Similarly to the above number, this is increased by 20 from the starting number. As this is your 3rd phone, you would have used 14019 and 14039 so this phones audio port end would be 14059.
  7. Scroll down until you see Select transfer method used (Blind or Attended) when you press a DSS key, here we will set this to Attended/Consultative Transfer. This means when you transfer a call you will speak to the person on the other end before joining the call.
  8. Under Choose how to configure Power LED notifications select Voicemails Only this means your phone will only flash if you have a missed voicemail.
  9. Under Codecs please check and make sure they are in the following order. This will ensure you have the best possible audio:
    1. PCMA
    2. G729
    3. PCMU
    4. G722

Optional Extras

Depending on personal preferences you may want to change these settings:

  1. Timezone - We set the timezone to your main office, if you have different offices you may want to set this to the user's local timezone
  2. Date Format - Depending on where you are in the world or personal preference you may want to change the format from WWW MMM DD (Mon Jan 15 for example) to DD MM YYYY (15 Jan 2022)
  3. Time Format - Here you can select if it is 12-hour (01:00 PM) or 24-hour time  (13:00)

Once you have finished you need to factory reset the device you've just set up. We have a linked guide here that takes you through these steps.

Need help?

If the above steps did not resolve your issue, you can raise a case with our team by clicking here.

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