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Yealink WH62 no audio with Windows 11

Matthew Fletcher

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There have been some reports of issues with particular Yealink DECT headsets when connected via a computer. These issues appear to be specific to Windows 11. These are the steps that we have found to ensure that the device works.

  1. If you have Yealink's USB Connect program, please uninstall it. As of the creation of this article (14th of June 2023), this is not compatible with Windows 11. We have found this program to be the cause of microphone issues.
  2. Now that this is uninstalled, please open your sound settings. This can be accessed by right clicking the sound icon, clicking sound settings and scrolling down until you see Advanced and click More sound settings.
  3. Click on the Recording tab and open up your Yealink's settings by double-clicking on it.
  4. Ensure that everything in Exclusive Mode is unticked.
  5. Press Win + X and select Device Manager, expand your Audio inputs and outputs, and Yealink device you come across, please right-click and uninstall the device. Once all Yealink devices are removed, unplug your Yealink WH62 from you computer and restart your computer
  6. Once you have logged back in, please plug your Yealink WH62 into your computer and it should load the drivers. Other people should now be able to hear you when talking through this microphone

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